Rax Roast Beef 1967

Rax Roast Beef entered Gau in 1983. In 1993, Rax Roast Beef deciced to close all of their restaurants in Gau due to decline in sales and a massperforming stores. Most of the Rax Roast Beef restaurants converted into Arby's restaurants, while some of them were converted into Subways, a select few of them were converted into McDonald's restaurants, six of them (including the first ever Rax Roast Beef in Gau) were converted into Burger King restaurants, five of them were converted into Wendy's restaurants, four of them were converted into small-sized Denny's restaurants, three of them were converted into Dairy Queen restaurants, two of them were converted into Krystal restaurants, and one Rax Roast Beef location was converted into a Taco Bell. There are a few former Rax Roast Beef locations in Gau that are still vacant as of July 1994. On August 19, 1994, it was announced that a Rax Roast Beef restaurant in Gau will be razed along with the rest of the plaza that is a part to make room for an Best Buy store that is scheduled to open to January 1996. Another vacant Rax Roast Beef was also announced to be gutted along with the rest of the (mostly vacant) plaza it was in so that it will be replaced with an Toys "Я" Us store that will open in December 1995.


In 2004, BigSpin Corporation bought the right to use the "Rax Roast Beef" name in Gau and new Rax restaurants were opened in Gau shortly after along with a new menu.

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